LOVE 3.0 is the story of one couple's journey through the realities of monogamy and its alternatives, the meaning of freedom and the search for lasting love. 

This short was our follow-up to THE ECONOMICS OF SEX for the Austin Institute for the Study of Family & Culture. LOVE 3.0 is informed by the latest social science on the topic of polyamory.

As storytellers, we were also inspired by Pope Francis' encyclical LAUDATO SÍ. In LOVE 3.0 you'll find themes of what Francis calls our "throw-away culture" in which our humanity is increasingly seen as disposable. We used images and metaphors that express the "technocratic" aspects of our culture as well as the possibilities of a thriving "human ecology." Sure, we all want that latest iPhone, but compare that to the majestic beauty of a tree that has weathered time and the seasons.